Robin Hood Camp

is only seven years away from a major ownership milestone.

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Robin Hood Camp is only seven years away from a major ownership milestone.

The ownership of a family business is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. With this passing down, comes family traditions of ownership and leadership that simply can't be maintained when a business falls out of a family. For Robin Hood Camp Director Rick Littlefield, a major ownership milestone is just several short years away.

The Robin Hood Camp is on a quest for 100 years of ownership by only two generations of a family. The milestone is so impressive because years of research have yet to uncover any other business or organization that was successfully operated for 100 consecutive years with just two generations of family leadership. Rick Littlefield explains this accomplishment is one that has never been seen before, and that's much of why he's so eager to reach this seven-year gold.

Rick Littlefield has successfully run the Robin Hood Camp, following his father, for decades. He has maintained many leadership and ownership policies passed down from his father, the founder. Rick Littlefield states that it would be an honor for the entire Littlefield family to reach this milestone.

The Robin Hood Camp Maine currently has 93 years of family tradition under its belt. The camp, currently directed by Rick Littlefield and passed to him by his father, offers one of the most dynamic programs in summer camping for kids. Kids are selected from around the world to take part in the camp and practice more than 35 activities and sports. Rick Littlefield explained that each child is carefully interviewed before admission to ensure an exceptionally friendly camp experience.

Some of the traditions carried down in the camp's nearly 100 years of existence are a remarkable sense of community, camper diversity, and camper freedom to choose their own activities. Rick Littlefield explained that world-renowned counselors, who provide positive experiences for campers year after year, are another time-honored tradition.

"The Robin Hood Camp has been one of the top camps in the country since 1928," Rick Littlefield said. "With all of these years comes experience and tradition that can't be rivaled by other camps."

Rick Littlefield described that he looks forward to completing the quest of reaching 100 years of ownership between his father and himself. He explained that this unprecedented achievement is one that will be celebrated among his family and at the camp.

"We know these next seven seasons of camping are going to fly by," Rick Littlefield concluded. "They always do with all of the adventure and excitement that takes place here at Robin Hood Camp. We look forward to keeping this camp in the family for another 100 years too."

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