Budget Friendly Backyard Summer Camp Activities

Robin Hood Camp

July 8, 2022

robin hood camp

If you’re on a budget and want to host a summer camp without breaking the bank, these budget-friendly backyard summer camp activities are a great way to keep kids busy. Some ideas include nature-themed scavenger hunts, Ice cube painting, and Hula hoop games. You can also have a theme day by mixing up your activities to include everything from sports to ice cream.

Nature-themed scavenger hunts

Whether you’re hosting a backyard summer camp, or simply staying home with your kids, a Nature-themed scavenger hunt is the perfect way to keep them entertained and engaged. You can easily set up a scavenger hunt that involves finding the most items while still being respectful of nature. A nature scavenger hunt can be set up with reusable bags attached with a safety pin or stickers. The kids will love hunting for these objects, and when the hunt is over, they’ll be delighted to get a prize!

You can hold a Nature scavenger hunt almost anywhere outside. You don’t need to prepare anything special, other than a nature-themed scavenger hunt file. The file also includes dry-erase nature scavenger hunt games that can be enjoyed throughout the year. This printable file has everything you need to run a successful backyard summer camp.

Leaf painting

While you can spend a lot of money on a summer camp or pool membership, not everyone can afford these things. Luckily, there are many activities you can do yourself, for free. Read on to discover cheap backyard summer camp activities that kids will love. Leaf painting is a great activity for kids who want to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Leaf painting is a fun activity that you can do together as a family or with other kids.

Leaves are beautiful! Try rubbing them on paper and hanging them from a hanger or yarn. You can even make mobiles with them. If you’re into plants, you can water them regularly and add glow sticks. Leaf painting is another great activity for kids. Make a leaf art project for a Halloween party, and involve the whole family in this activity. There are plenty of farms that have haunted corn mazes for kids.

Ice cube painting

Ice cube painting is a simple, last-minute boredom buster that combines sensory projects and color science. It’s a fun sensory art project that can also double as a lesson in changes of matter. The ice cubes begin as a liquid and then turn back into a solid when they’re finished. In addition to the fun of paint splattering across the ice, it also teaches children about the water cycle and the effects of hot and cold. Almost all of the supplies are likely to be in your house.

If you don’t have paint brushes, you can make your own. This art project is easy to set up and can be done outdoors. Kids can use old picture books, magazines, or catalogs as a starting point. Some kids find this activity very rewarding and will spend hours trying to paint the ice cubes. Another art activity is sundial making. These simple crafts combine science and arts with fun and will help develop fine motor skills.

Hula hoop games

Kids will enjoy hula hoop games, which can be adapted for a variety of settings. For instance, parents can set up one on the driveway and let children toss a ball through it, while older kids can try to jump in and block a shot. Hula hoop games can also be played with an inflatable hula hopper tossing system, which is inexpensive and comes in three different sizes.

Several hula horn games can be adapted for a variety of ages and abilities. For example, a balloon pop relay race can be modified to involve hula hoop races. Instead of using cones, try using water balloons. Be sure to buy the kind that connects to the faucet. Belts can also be made from pantyhose. For added safety and fun, make sure to use the hula hoop games in a safe location and supervise children at all times.

Making life-sized board games

Creating giant outdoor games for backyard summer camp does not have to be difficult. You can make life-size versions of classic board games. These are a fun way to get everyone outside and play outdoors in the warm summer months. You may already have the supplies to make jumbo games, but if you do not, they are inexpensive to make and can be a fun way to engage the campers. In addition, check local craft supply and hardware stores for coupons that offer 40% to 50% off purchases.

You can create a catapult for each child. Build a catapult using sidewalk chalk and then have the kids compete to see which team can shoot the water balloon the furthest. If you aren’t comfortable building a catapult, you can build an egg cage. Have different teams drop the cages from varying heights to win. You can even make games out of old items such as crates.

Painting flower pots

Paint your flower pots using kid-friendly techniques. You can set up a painting station outdoors, or create themed pots for different holidays or occasions. For example, you can paint flower pots in red and green for Christmas, or blue and white for the Fourth of July. Sugar skulls aren’t just for Halloween. You can also make them as home decor, and paint them inside and out.

Another budget-friendly backyard summer camp activity is painting flower pots. A few basic flower pots can be decorated by using Frog Tape and spray paint. Then, the kids can fill them with seedlings and grow them from seed. The pots will be ready to plant when they’re done. You can also use pool noodle for the stem of the flower pot.