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Robin Hood Camp

Robin Hood Camp Delivers World-Class Instruction from Industry Professionals

World-renowned Robin Hood Camp is a summer camp program in Brooksville, Maine that has gained wide recognition for its quality instruction delivered by industry professionals. 

In the nearly one-hundred year legacy of Robin Hood Camp, thousands of kids from more than 40 countries have received world-class instruction from top professionals, developing skills and passions that last a lifetime. Camp Owner and Manager Rick Littlefield shares how the quality of professionals employed in the program makes a tremendous impact on the experience of campers.

“We’ve elevated the summer camp experience at Robin Hood Camp by giving campers the ability to choose their own program activities, and we’ve given them plenty of options to choose from,” says Rick Littlefield. “Our property is located in a uniquely advantageous position in the rurals of Maine with quick access to both the ocean and freshwater bodies. This allows us to offer many exceptional activities that are led by top professionals in their industries who instill lasting skills and experiences in our campers.”

Robin Hood Camp has gained a tremendous international reputation over the years for its diverse activities and qualified leaders. Today, the camp is proud to offer activities that are typically only found at specialty camps and employs only top industry professionals to lead them. Here, campers can attend Wakesurf Academy, which is led by a Jr. World Champion Wakesurfer from Brazil. They can hone their soccer skills with Jr. Olympic and collegiate coach Bruce Groshong, and improve their wakeboarding abilities with 6-time Wakeboard World Champion Dean Lavelle.

Similar to Robin Hood Camp’s Wakesurf Academy, campers can enroll in professional-level squash lessons during a 2-week Squash Academy. The Squash Academy is led by Harvard Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed who trained more than 30 collegiate All-American players and took on training leadership roles with multiple National Championship teams. PGA pro Dave Deheras, coach of UC Santa Barbara, heads up the Golf Academy & Program, in addition.

At the camp’s Tennis Academy & Program, USTA professional Arpan Trivedi and four USTA world class pros from India oversee skill development. Archery lessons are instructed by a member of Mexico’s National Team, and Robin Hood Camp’s Survival Program is led by a highly-trained military staffer in the field.

“We also employ professional fishing guides, fly fishing instructors, kickboxing instructors, survival trainers, musicians, performers, videographers and many other industry leaders to ensure every camper has a meaningful experience at Robin Hood Camp,” says Rick Littlefield. 

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