Rick Littlefield Proud to Direct World’s Most Culturally Diverse Summer Camp

Robin Hood Camp

January 20, 2022

Robin Hood Camp Rick Littlefield Proud to Direct World’s Most Culturally

Robin Hood Camp, Maine, under director Rick Littlefield, now proud to be the most culturally diverse summer camp on the planet.

With campers from more than 40 countries now regularly attending each year, Robin Hood Camp in Maine is a model summer camp for those who value the personal and educational benefits of experiencing diversity in culture. That’s according to Robin Hood Camp director, Rick Littlefield, as he proudly reveals the supervised summertime program’s place as the most culturally diverse summer camp in the world.

“At Robin Hood Camp we’re now the most culturally diverse children’s summer camp on the planet,” reveals Rick Littlefield, “with families from over 40 countries worldwide today valuing the educational benefits of experiencing the cultural diversity on offer here.”

Now under almost 100 years of only two generations of organization leadership and ownership, director Rick Littlefield took over operations from his father, Robin Hood Camp’s founder, in 1985. It’s an accolade, Rick Littlefield says, not achieved by any other summer camp, either in the U.S. or internationally.

Robin Hood Camp is also unique in bordering both ocean and freshwater. “We’re the only summer camp remaining in the U.S. which can still make this claim,” reveals Littlefield. Activities run on Robin Hood Camp’s lakeside, he explains, include fishing and canoeing. “On the oceanside, meanwhile,” Rick Littlefield goes on, “experiences include whale watching expeditions, day sailing, island camping, marine biology, and much more.”

Rick Littlefield‘s Robin Hood Camp currently attracts co-ed international campers from upwards of 40 countries globally. “As such, we’re now the most culturally diverse summer camp in the world,” he reveals, “with more and more families learning each year that becoming both adaptive and comfortable with a wide range of individuals and experiences has never been more important in life.”

Rick Littlefield believes, in fact, that it’s now a fundamental skill, key in later achieving success in what continues to be a rapidly changing world. “We, therefore, aim, at Robin Hood Camp, to offer a unique opportunity for children from across America and around the world to see life through a wider prism,” suggests Littlefield, “than their more provincial, more limited day-to-day perspective would typically allow for.”

Together, Rick Littlefield and his team at Robin Hood Camp offer team sports, individual sports, excursions, trips, art, music, performing arts, and more. “We also have dedicated squash, soccer, tennis, wakeboarding, and waterskiing academies,” Littlefield adds.

As a camper, counselor, and director, Rick Littlefield has presided over Robin Hood Camp since 1960. Rick Littlefield subsequently became the owner of Robin Hood Camp in 1985, taking over from his father. “In this time, I’ve guided the successful evolution of Robin Hood Camp from an all-boys camp to the co-ed international camp it is today,” he explains.

“Furthermore, and with campers regularly arriving from more than 40 countries around the world,” adds Rick Littlefield, wrapping up, “I’m now proud to direct what has grown organically into the most culturally diverse summer camp anywhere on Earth, right here in Brooksville, Maine.”